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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yay for Spring! The past few days have been just gorgeous. We have had the windows and the screen door open so we get a nice cross breeze through the house. Baby girl has loved it and spent hours in the backyard with bubble makers and digging in the dirt. Which is perfect because i can see most of all the back yard from here at the dining room table while i work on school work.

Today we found this cute little lady. You can't tell much in this picture but I am pretty sure its pregnant. Looking straight down on it, it's belly was about as round as a quarter or a half dollar. Usually they are pretty high strung but she just hung out while we pretty nearly pet her.

I am hoping we can finish out the week with this beautiful weather so once i get caught up on my work i can spend sometime in the yard knitting while the girl plays. Perhaps a picnic is in order?


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