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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not My Tuesday Morning Cup of Tea

Let me preface this with saying that I have never been to a Tuesday Morning before. I remember all those commercials that they ran a couple years ago. They really touted the quality of the store. There wasn't one here until about 6 months ago I think maybe a little longer. I have recently heard 3 people talk about it on separate occasions. So my curiosity was definitely peaked. So Friday on the way home from little girls gymnastics I decided to swing in and check it out.

It was nothing like I was expecting. There was so much stuff packed into that store (which in and of itself was really a large store). There was a wide variety and I did see a few brand names but I was completely turned off by my first impression. Everything was just piled together, there was very little order. It looked more like a garage sale with every shelf filled with whatever would fit. I will admit though I found some yarn and this may be TM's only redeeming quality. There were yarns I had never seen before. These were two lonely skeins of cotton yarn from Chile. Anyone ever worked with these before?

I might have to go back on Tuesday's just to see if they have more yarn. Is that lame?


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