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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Autumn and Posies

Anyone that has known me for any length of time will know that fall is my favorite season and with that a heap of love for the holiday's (which by the way I can't wait until the welcomed cool days of fall). Perhaps that is where my love for knitting comes from. Since deciding to group and release my new projects together I've been making a goal of building stock. The idea of have "stock" was always something that scared me, even if i wouldn't admit it before. Because it meant spending a chunk of money and taking a chance that it would be along time before i made that money back. It was also an excuse for me to tell myself that this wasn't really my "business" but something i did for fun. But the truth is my own business it what i've wanted for a long time. So it's time to invest some money and the extra time to build up that stock. I also took some time this week to explore better ideas for how i'd like to wrap/package my items to ship. A few things i have firmly decided on like investing in some woven labels, the rest still a bit up in the air. Most all of it has to be ordered and put together and i know my customers will appreciate the personal touch.

The new items are due to be released the last week of August or the first week of September depending how things go. My favorite is a hat I've decided to call Posie. I am super excited about this one, it is just too cute. I will post some teasers this week. I will also be bringing out some arm warmers to match the luxury neck warmer, can I tell you this yarn is just delicious. I'll also have a few simple scarves.

On a random tangent, I found (quite accidentally) one day while having a Nutella craving that a smear of it between 2 vanilla wafers tastes amazingly like a Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie. Then I got this crazy idea that we should put together a bunch and dip them in white chocolate. Talk about creating a new weakness! When i get around to putting those together I'll let you know how they turned out.

UPDATE! Sept 20, 2009: The Posie hat is finally out! Sorry it took so long, my timeline got thrown off with all my school stuff. Without further delay here it is!

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