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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Snow! [And Ravelympics]

It is snowing again! This is the 3th snow this year or the 4th if you want to count the last snow day when it snowed in the evening and overnight but didn't really stick. I am going to be honest there are a number of gripers around here but I really love snow. I wish that we got a little more though. This has been a good year for snow, I would rather have a winter of really good snows every few years than get the piddly non-sticking snow every year. This is the view from the front door and here is the view from the kitchen. It was snowing but it just doesn't show to well with this camera.

Speaking of which, I am sizing up my options of new cameras. While there is nothing wrong with this one, as you can see it takes well enough pictures but its only a 6.1mp. Also it's very user friendly especially for someone who doesn't know a lot about cameras or who is just looking for a quick point and shoot. I took 2 years of photography in highschool and loved them but I also obviously learned about the workings of a manual camera. This one allows some setting changes but it doesn't hold the changes, like you have to go through the menu and manually change all the settings at every use if it isn't default. I have my eye on a canon it is another compact camera but it is 14mp and has several fun settings i really want to play with. I think it will be a few more years before I can afford a digital SLR to replace my good ol' canon rebel 2000.

As promised here is a picture of my Ravelympics project. Are you disappointed? Me too, haha. I really wanted to have it finished. My only excuse is that I ran out of yarn and it was a few days before I could go out and buy another skein. As well as being swamped to my eyeballs in schoolwork. I am taking one less class this semester and feel like it's twice as much work! Whats the deal?
[Side note: WHOA it is starting to look like a blizzard out there, I keep looking up to see the snow blowing straight sideways!]
Oh and one other fun project, I saw the Sweet Honey Beret pattern in the Winter '08 issue of Interweave knits I was flipping through a few weeks ago and decided to make one. I am really loving this fluffy honeycomb stitch, I might need to write it into a cowl or leg warmer pattern!
There is more in this frame than I meant for there to be haha.


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