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Monday, November 16, 2009

Giveaway Winners!

Are you excited?? I am! Ok so you know the process, i pledge to you honesty. I rechecked my running list to be sure i knew everyone's number of entries. There was a total of 21 Entrants and a total of 42 entries between them all. All names were written in pencil on squares of paper that were all the same size, then balled up and tossed in a jar. They were shaken and stirred. My three year old was the one to reach in and randomly hand me three with no hesitation. The winners are placed by number of entries, so the one with the most will be in 1st place.

Are you ready to see the winners? Ok here there are! In this order.
1st: Turtlevillage 2nd: ItsfromArizona 3rd: CraftyJemima

Yah! Give the winners a round of applause :D Ok winners, feel free to take sometime and browse my shop. You may choose any item you like, either tweet me the item of your choice or leave a comment below. If there is a discrepancy i will let you know and the item will go to the higher rank winner.

Everyone else who participated big thank yous and don't be disappointed your name will remain in the pot for the next giveaway! Show the winners some tweet love?
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Friday!

It's a beautiful Friday morning! I'm sipping an eggnog latte, updating the giveaway entries and looking over my calender. There are 10 more days to enter the giveaway, which means 10 more days to tweet tweet tweet for even MORE entries. I am really excited about it so don't miss out!

I've added a new listing as well. The Ring Around the Posie Hat in Bluebell. So sweet! Love it, love it! The next color in line i am actually almost done with and it is a darker purplie color, i am trying to decide whether to call it plum or fig. Maybe I'll run a poll.

Also I'm offering free shipping this weekend in the shop along with the 10% + $3 sale! Good deals, better jump on it!
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a CoSwap!

I was thinking of random things and this popped in my head. A CoSwap! what the heck is that you ask? It's coupon swapping!

So it's a little more in depth than it appears at first glance. What I mean by this is to have a collaboration among a few sellers(at least), maybe i'll start a twibe for it or something... What would happen is this, a group of sellers would swap "coupon" cards. I don't know about the rest of you, but i have little thank you cards that also have a 10% off coupon for their next purchase. So what would happen is each seller would send some of there coupon cards to each of the other sellers. When sellers are packing up sales they should include like 3 other coupon cards along with their own, rotating if need be so everyones card has a fair chance.

These coupon cards should be not so much an advertisement as an additional thank you, and no more than 3 because you don't want to bombard the customer. This would give sellers a chance get some more exposure as well as keep the customers coming back. Whether or not they use the coupons they are going to remember getting them, or maybe they will give them away to friends. I think this would be good for everyone involved. What do you think?
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