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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Forward

Spring forest near Planina (Slovenia, 2008)Image via WikipediaHow cliche was that title? Hahaa well It's time to do just that (albeit yesterday), Spring forward! It hasn't bitten me yet but I can feel the spring cleaning itch rising. I have feeling it will strike in the next few weeks here, probably over Easter break.

Also I wanted to pose a question to anyone who might be reading this... instead of me groping for content I want to know what my readers like and want to see. What can bring to the table that you want to read?

Photos, photos, photos. Eye candy is important right? I will work on that, I think I am still trying to find that not so overly critical of my own work balance in product photos. I am famous for taking a slew of 20 to 40 pictures then literally deleting all but maybe one. How do you like to take photos?

Plus I'm trying out this new app for chrome called Zemanta. Anyone else heard of it? Use it? Like it? Hate it? I'd like to know.
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