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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SEO for Etsy

I've been reading a fair amount lately on marketing, advertising and other things to help build my {tiny} business. I love my Etsy shop, truthfully I just love Etsy. I love all it has to offer as well as the standard to which it is run. Not to say that other sites in the same category are bad or not doing it right. They all have their own method, I simply prefer Etsy's method. Since opening my shop I can't tell you how valuable the emails are, especially to new sellers. I've spent this afternoon reading about SEO (search engine optimization - makes it easier for google, yahoo and other search engines to find you). I knew some about SEO previously but I hadn't realized the steps Etsy had taken to allow it's members to take full advantage of it. Tonight and tomorrow I plan to finish up tweaking in my shop. If you are interested here is the Etsy article on SEO.


jenscloset said...

Thanks for the info..I'm forever trying to figure it all out!!

Sarah said...

Welcome :D

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