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Monday, May 11, 2009

Aloe Vera Transplant

A few years ago bought a silly little aloe plant. I was really buying it because i liked the decorative little pot it was in. This poor aloe plant has been through so much, it's been ignored, shoved onto the shelf in the garage, sunburned, over watered and just all around uncared for. But it has not giving up life yet. It has managed to survive through (what i thought to be) numerous "deaths" while actually sprouting 4 baby aloes in the mean time. They are all still crowded into a pot really only barely big enough for one. So today is the day I decided to take pity on that poor tortured aloe by transplanting it's babies and giving it a good dose of fresh soil. Who knows maybe we will end up selling a troop of aloe in a few years.

Here is a picture of it a couple years ago the first time I took pity on it and let it out of the 3 inch pot it came in and into a 6 inch pot. (Don't be fooled by that huge ceramic pot, the real pot is just set in there, dad thought it would look nice.


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