"Imagination is more important than knowledge." ~Albert Einstein

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plenty To Follow

Lately I've been trying to work out the kinks with the appearance of my blog and shop. I am probably shooting myself in the foot by doing that instead of concentrating more time on creating new items. There is always a wealth of creative ideas flurrying around in my head, which I am sure is common among most of us crafty types.

In honor of spring I am working on a couple lighter pieces.

Both are lacy and made with light breathable yarns rather than a heat holding wool. The first is a twist on a vine lace pattern, my dilemma with this one is whether to make it a cowl, shawl or scarf. I think that I will make it a long cowl that can be pulled down over the arm and shoulder to show off the detail.

The second is a fingerless glove. I've chosen a soft blue yarn that I love and is actually a cashmere blend. This one is taking shape as it grows on the needles and I've still not decided how I will finish off the cuff and how long it should be.

In among these I still have winter ideas popping up that I am trying to take in stride. Though winter is over I want to bring these ideas up and keep track of them. That way once fall rolls in again I'll be ready with fresh ideas.


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