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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Product for Kids

Parenting is about 30% existing knowledge and 70% continuing education. As a first time mom, so far every time I was sure I knew what was next I was completely wrong. Learning to go with the flow is essential along with taking difficult situations in stride. Sometimes the littlest gadget can make things a world easier. Here are some of my favorites.

When my daughter first started daycare one thing that annoyed me was how they labeled juice cups. I had been looking for something significantly defining to put on the sippy cup but was having no luck. Writing in permanent marker on the bottom of the cup didn't work as it came off in the dishwasher. Letting the daycare mark the cups wasn't always a good choice. You never know what you'd get, You might get masking tape (which I wasn't thrilled with but at least it would remove easily). Other times you would get a regular paper address label! Not only did it not want to come off, but even months after the label was "off" there was still very sticky residue. She didn't need to hold the cup the cup just stuck to her. I was really irritated that they had pretty much ruined our juice cups.

Then I finally found the perfect solution! I found a site that sells rubber labels that are made similar to the colorful bracelets that have become really popular the last couple years. They come as a pack of 4, are customizable up to 2 lines and you can include a little icon like a heart, star or flower. There are 4 colors to choose from and they fit pretty much any bottle or sippy. You can get them from inchbug.com and from now through 4/30/09 you can save 10% on your purchase! Use coupon code APR430AB at check out.

Another great little helper is a bath thermometer that warns you with a beep and a read out if bath water rises above 100 degrees or drops below 89 degrees. I originally though that bath thermometers were really only useful for tiny babies. However my daughter loves bath time and I have no qualm about allowing her to play for a somewhat extended period while I get ready for bed too or fold and put away towels (always staying within range to see and hear of course). We always start with a nice warm bath but on a few occasions the water has pretty much gone cold and i had no idea until i went to wash her. You can get the Aquatopia Sefety Bath Time Audible Thermometer from Amazon for about $15. Not only is it functional, it's flippin adorable.


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