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Monday, April 6, 2009

Luxury Bamboo

Anyone who knows me personally probably knows that above all I like soft, fuzzy, comfortable things. Not just in clothing but anything that is going to come in contact with my skin. My skin can be pretty sensitive so I tend to be picky about what I allow next to it. I am just as picky about my yarn, it definitely has to be soft, though I am a sucker for yarns so finely soft that you can barely feel them. That's how soft this bamboo yarn is, it is near the top of my list as far as luxury yarn. It is silky smooth, it warms with your skin and drapes like silk with a comfortable weight. I almost kept this neck warmer for myself, the main reason i didn't was because i wanted to share it with everyone. I am now trying to plan a couple patterns specifically around this delicious yarn.


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