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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not so glass slipper

I am on a mission to find the perfect slipper! I have been scouring Ravelry and even done some google searches. There are plenty that look nice in their picture but the pattern doesn't seem to stand up to it. Is it just me or does it feel similar to the smoke and mirrors of the legendary "myspace pic" -i.e. taking a picture in the most extreme downward angle to provide the most slimming possible- ? Well aside from that I've found two contenders. I may end up combining them somehow. There are elements of each that I both like and dislike. So it would go something like ... 'make the sole like this one, make the sides like that one, make the heel like this one, make the cuff like that one..." Confusing right? I thought so too. Time for eye candy? Yes.
This first one I like A LOT the pattern is Moon Socks by DROPS design - They always come up with some of the cutest stuff right?
The second here is Desert Boots by Elise Brand. I like the look of both and I've knit up one of both and wear them around the house together (haha what makes it funnier is one is in rusty orange and the other in a deep eggplant purple). Why you ask? To compare how they feel as I wear them around, see how I like them. I think once I decide how I like them best I will compile the pattern for Ravelry... Just in case there are any other's out there with mismatched slippers.


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